Arthur Krupp Porcelain Crockery

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  • Omnia

    Arthur Krupp OMNIA – the name says it all. This is a range of modern porcelain, both timeless and elegant, which fulfils catering wishes and requirements from breakfast to dinner – and from the small, smart restaurant to the banqueting room of a major city hotel. Round or square, robust, with reinforced edges, stackable.

  • Rotondo

    Arthur Krupp ROTONDO literally rounds out the range, as a puristic coupe design which provides the ideal stage for beautifully crafted masterpieces from the professional kitchen. Although the design is unquestionably robust, it retains a graceful, unembellished look: a timeless interpretation of going — back to the roots. 

  • Uovo

    Soft and sinuously shaped but strong and extremely functional, Uovo finds its maximum expression, above all, in the wide range of gourmet plates whose shape better shows off all kinds of culinary preparations. This Arthur Krupp Porcelain collection is perfect for candid mise en place and versatile contemporary buffets.