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  • Copper Cookware

    A multifaceted product. Flagship show cooking tool and also ideal for cooking and serving from the kitchen to the table. A working tool with a body made of three metals, copper, aluminum and steel. Thickness 2,5 mm. A mix for a homogenous and sweet thermal spread that ensures cooking without attacking the foods, preserving its nutritional properties and organoleptic characteristics. Inside stainless steel, practical and easy to clean. Middle layer aluminum, lightweight and a very good heat conductor. Exterior glossy copper finishing, a tradition in the kitchen, fascinating and beautiful to see. Cast stainless steel handles assembled with strong section stainless steel rivets. Suitable for use on all cooking hobs including induction.

  • Stainless Steel Cookware

    Outside and inside satin polished. Hollow tubular stay cool handles in stainless steel. Non-drip edge. Uniform thickness in sides and bottom. Sandwich thermoradiant bottom (stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel). Perfect for use on any type of stove, whether gas, electric, glass ceramic cooking surface or induction stove. All items have an induction-suited sandwich bottom. Designed for the needs of professional chefs and the pleasure of passionate gourmets.

  • Aluminium Cookware

    Made in heavy duty aluminum, suitable for electric, radiant and gas stoves. Hollow tubular handles in stainless steel 18/10, stay cool. Rounded corners provide easy cleanup. Thickness from mm 2 to mm 5,5. Not dishswasher safe. Designed for the needs of professional chefs and the pleasure of passionate gourmets.

  • Cast Iron Cookware

    Lava Cast Iron Cookware. Suitable for use on all cooking hobs (gas, electric, ceramic, induction) and ovens (gas, oil, coal or wood) except microwave. A perfect harmony of cast iron, enamel and high quality. Designed and constructed to absorb and spread the heat evenly. Cast iron is suitable for all cooking techniques, for soups, roasts, rice, desserts, for braise that require a long cooking and likewise ideal for meats and grilled vegetables as it enhances flavors and aromas like barbecue style. Cast iron also features non-stick. The high temperature of the pan sears the meat surface. All the flavor, water and nutritional values remain sealed in the food. When cooking in casseroles, the steam generated thanks to the special design of the cover condenses falling back into the food not only retaining flavors and aromas but providing the best protection for nutrients and contributing to a healthy diet. Cast iron is a material 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Moreover, thanks to its ability to retain heat for a long time it allows a considerable saving of energy. With closed lid on the table, the pot will preserve the temperature for a second serving. Cast iron retains the heat but as well the cold... can be used to keep the food fresh. Stored for a short time in the refrigerator, keeps food cool during hot summer days, ideal for serving pasta or rice salads, etc. Practical and easy to clean. These cast iron pots and pans are dishwasher safe thanks to the special technology applied to their enameling method. Ergonomic knobs and handles made of cast iron and stainless steel, suitable for use on all heat sources and ovens except microwave. Be careful, they heat up during cooking, it is recommended to handle with a dry thick cloth. 

  • Frying Pans
  • Roasting and Baking Pans
  • Baking Trays and Sheets

    Baking pans are very similar to GN containers, which are often confused. Unlike Gn containers they are shallower (with depth 20, 40 or 65 mm) and they have flat edges, that use to be especially in stainless steel finish reinforced. This ensures that they don't fold even at higher teperatures during baking. We offer baking pans in gastronorm size (GN), in the confectionary size (600x400 mm) but also various other sizes and shapes made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum (with or without Teflon coating) or enamelled. Due to its properties baking pans are suitable to thermal operations with a higher temperature of preparation (baking etc.). 

  • Terrine and Pate Moulds
  • Woks and Oriental...
  • Porcelain Bakeware

    Offered porcelains are manufactured in ROYALE SRL exclusively with best quality raw materials. The production process is entrusted to technicians who have acquired a thirty-year experience in this field. The product is firstly fired a 900 centigrade for about 16 hours after which the "biscuit" is obtained. This process is meant to improve the product and, what is more, to reject all the faulty pieces which cannot face the further phases of manufacturing. At this stage, the items are selected once again, glazed (Limoges glaze used) and furtherly fired during a 20 hours' cycle: temperature gets up to 1300 centigrade. Where outside-coloured items are concerned, a third firing is carried out during a 20 hours time at 850 centigrade. The product, which gets through these manufacturing phases, certainly ensure the highest guarantee of strength.