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  • Arthur Krupp Cutlery

    A CHOICE OF STYLE. Match the perfect cutlery to your surroundings: it will enhance the style of your table settings: classic and elegant, retro, refined or modern. In the Arthur Krupp® flatware collection you can find the perfect long lasting design.

    Silverplated and other versions (PVD, Vintage, Antique, Vintage PVD, Antique PVD) on request. 

  • Sambonet Cutlery

    In 1856, Giuseppe Sambonet, a Fine Arts graduate and the son of a nobleman from Vercelli, obtained his warrant as Master Goldsmith and established the company, Giuseppe Sambonet, depositing his seal bearing the initials “GS” at the Turin mint. At the beginning of the twentieth century his company was the Official Purveyor to many noble families, including the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin. In 1932, Sambonet was the first company in Italy to build an industrial production plant capable of manufacturing both sterling silver and galvanic silverware. In 1938, it developed an innovative process for the production of stainless steel flatware and developed a silver-plated steel manufacturing technique. In 1947, it started producing stainless steel knives and blades using its own technology. In 1956, Sambonet conquered the international market by being chosen, from 53 competitors, to supply the Cairo Hilton Hotel with a hollowware line that is still in its collection today. This marked the beginning of the company’s great tradition of supplying world-class hotels and restaurants. 

  • Arthur Krupp Serving...

    A complete stainless steel line Arthur Krupp Living, that is able to join assortment, beauty, strenght and functionality. Quality items that can be used in order to set the most charming tables and buffets, but also in order to have a well-equipped kitchen. The easiest way to serve whith charm any kind of dishes: from spaghetti to meat, fish, bread, vegetables, cheese and fruit. It is also indicated for tiny preparations such as sweets, olives and pickles.

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  • Specialised Table Cutlery
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