Gastronorm container polycarbonate GN 1/1

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GN 1/1 (530x325 mm). Made with FDA approved materials. Designed and manufactured in compliance with UNI EN 631 1. Excellent resistance to shocks. Excellent transparency ( HAZE 0.6 ). Walls completely smooth to allow easy identification of content and easy cleaning. Graduated scale according to both metric and American system. Nest for easy storage. Can be used in microwave ovens but not for prolonged times. Withstands temperatures from -40°C to +110°C. External bottom photo etched anti scratch. WARNING - Polycarbonate containers are not recommended for use on steam tables, avoid contact with soap. For cleaning we recommend detergents with neutral pH and, in any case , with a pH less than 11. The use of detergents strongly alkaline (pH>11) or alcohol, chlorinated solvents, ammonia and abrasive pads may irreparably damage the product. Made in Italy.

  • Model: 14802

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