Shipping & Returns

Free Delivery

Free delivery is applicable if order exceeds 500,- €.


  • Free delivery is applicable to all EU countries (see charges below).
  • Free delivery is applicable when order is made via this website to one delivery address exceeding 500,- € excluding tax and extra costs.
  • Items excluded from free delivery can be part of free delivery order if other free delivery conditions are met. In this case the cost of delivery equals to cost of delivery for those items only.
  • Free delivery is not applicable for private addresses, P.O. boxes and cash on delivery (COD).
  • Free delivery service may not be available when some items are canceled, address changed or combined delivery etc. is involved.
  • Enizon reserves the right to change or stop the free delivery service.

Charged Delivery

Delivery is charged when sum of order is less than 500,- €.


  • The cost of delivery depends on country of delivery (see charges below).
  • We ship cash on delivery (COD) only to selected countries (see charges below).
Delivery Charges
Country of DeliveryDelivery ChargeCOD ChargeTime of Delivery [Working Days]
Austria€ 16,52-1-2
Belgium € 24,78-3
Bosnia and Herzegovina€ 24,78-4-6
Bulgaria€ 31,30-4-5
Croatia€ 31,30-3-4
Czech Republic€ 8,26-1
Denmark€ 24,78-3
Estonia€ 24,78-3
Finland€ 31,30-3-5
France€ 23,48-3
Germany € 14,35-1-2
Greece€ 31,30-4-6
Hungary€ 24,78-2-3
Ireland€ 31,30-4
Italy€ 24,78-2-3
Latvia€ 24,78-3
Lithuania€ 24,78-3
Luxembourg€ 24,78-3
Netherlands€ 24,78-3
Norway€ 31,30-3-4
Poland€ 16,52-2
Portugal€ 31,30-4
Romania€ 24,78-3-4
Serbia€ 24,78-4-6
Slovakia€ 9,90-1-2
Slovenia€ 24,78-2-3
Spain€ 31,30-4
Sweden€ 31,30-3-5
Switzerland€ 24,78-3
United Kingdom€ 23,48-3
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