Shipping & Returns

  • The cost of delivery depends on country of delivery (see charges below).
  • Delivery charge includes also packaging and insurance up to the EUR 500,00.
Time of Delivery and Delivery Charges
ZoneCountry and Time of Delivery* [Working Days]Delivery Charges**
0Slovakia (1), Czech Republic (2)EUR 4,80
1Austria, Germany (2) United Kingdom (3-4)EUR 9,90
2Hungary (1), Slovenia, Romania (2-3)EUR 19,90
3Poland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg (2) Liechtenstein (3), Bulgaria (3-4), Switzerland (4)EUR 24,90
4Denmark (2), San Marino, Vatican City, Italy, France (2-3), Monaco (4), Ireland (4-5)EUR 29,90
5Rest of the Worldon request

*It's only the time taken by the courier service to deliver the goods from us to you, not total delivery time.
** without VAT

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