Flexipan® ORIGINE

FLEXIPAN® ORIGINE is the original exible pan! One of a kind, the FLEXIPAN® ORIGINE has been recognized as the culinary professional standard for almost 30 years. FLEXIPAN® ORIGINE. Technology remains unique. While often copied, it is never equalled. The combination of foodsafe glass ber fabric and silicone give it its superior strength and durability, as well as its proven non-stick proper- ties. The FLExIPAN® ORIGINE o ers a streamlined way to perform the vast majority of standard freezing and baking tasks involved in making pastries and biscuits, as well as catering. No need to grease the pans. Your product will have a smooth, shiny appearance, and perfect pan release. Demarle® has developed a range of over 400 pan shapes in various formats, appropriate for all profes- sional uses.
Product advantages:
+ Unique glass ber fabric texture for superior durability.
+ Unique Demarle silicone, specially formulated for the baking industry. + Non-stick for perfect, clean pan release.
+ Even baking and colour.
+ High life expectancy up to 3,000 baking cycles.
+ Can be used for baking and freezing, for both sweet and savoury recipes.

Demarle® Flexipan Catalogue 2016

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