DEMARLE Flexipan® for desserts

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Flexipat® is a new product which will revolutionise your work. Even layers of sponge, crème brûlée or fruit jelly can be spread or moulded very quickly. Any baked or frozen preparations of your choice will have a regular presentation. The flexibility and non-stick nature of Flexipat® mean it is easy to turn out your product preparation. It gives rise to increases in productivity, because there are no wasted edges, especially for desserts set in frames. Additionally the presentation of these is also enhanced because of the even nature of the layers. Flexipat® has all the advantages of Flexipan®: its flexibility, its self-supporting stability, and above all the non-stick properties allowing easy turning out of the product without any risk of breakage. The applications of Flexipat® are similar to those of Silpat®. Cleaning Flexipat® is very easy, simply immerse in warm soapy water and clean with a soft sponge. To dry, you can leave Flexipat® in a 100°C oven for 2 or 3 minutes. Flexipat® is designed to fit in 600*400 mm perforated aluminium trays and its usable size is 555*360 mm with a depth of 10 mm. Made in France.

48480x280 (for GN 1/1)13
60555x360 (for 600x400)10
62555x360 (for 600x400)20

Silicone baking sheet Flexipat® by Demarle-SAS
  • Model: 47744-48/62

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