About Enizon

Don’t save on quality save on price!

Enizon is specialist in professional top quality/best price restaurant products.


  • We buy our products only from prestigious European manufacturers with tradition in manufacturing.
  • All restaurant products are made for professional use and are qualified by European Union Food Regulations and Standards.
  • Products in our store are made from top materials with corresponding size and adequate lifetime as for professional use.
  • We buy our products directly from manufacturers in large orders and then we distribute it over Europe by our intelligent logistics system which allows us to keep prices low.
  • Apart from very reasonable standard prices we apply additional offers which make it even better bargain.
  • We appreciate your shopping at Enizon by even better prices.

Your Source of Wide Range of Products with Same Guarantee

There are thousands of items even today and we are still adding new. You can find here almost everything what professional cook, confectioner, baker, bartender and also waiter or sommelier needs for his work. All of this with the same guarantee, top quality and reasonable prices in whole EU.

Simple to Order Reliable to Deliver

There are not many places like Enizon where you can get detailed information about professional restaurant products in a few clicks. Feel free to contact us by email or phone so we can help you to choose the right product for you. You can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless where you are and without any time spent on searching for price lists and in particular with no risk of buying low quality or overpriced products. We deliver all our products to all 27 EU countries by default and even with free delivery if you meet all conditions.

Simple Claims or No Claims

You will spend almost no effort in claims with Enizon. The amount of claims in our store is only minor. We will take over all extra costs and effort if any defect will be found on our products by our fault.
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Custom Enizon Meets Your Needs

Are you local restaurateur? Do you run multiple hotels? Are you part of an international chain? Enizon still meets your needs! If you have specific requirements just simply contact us and we will offer you custom partnership which meets your needs.

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